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back home

Got in yesterday, pics coming, rainy weather at home makes one sleepy. More later.


ok, ok…

I know I’ll stop getting online, but I saw dolphins this morning! The pool sounds good, a walk sounds good, an iced coffee in the afternoon sounds good too. Later!


i’m outta here

Well I’m off to the beach tomorrow, not sure if I’ll have internet access but I’m lugging the laptop along just in case. Cell still works for text messages, otherwise I’ll see y’all when I return next week!


just my size

Woo hoo! The swim trunks arrived, after a slight fiasco, and more importantly they fit and look good! Last year’s shorter and square cut trunks still fit, but my healthy rump & belly tends to make them look… not so...


Oh, and…

My Google-Fu is strong, I was able to find the film Voodoo Academy in a single step using the phrase ‘writhing boys in their underwear’… Has anyone actually seen this movie? I feel like it’d be good for a laugh,...


Shut. Up!

Y’know, much as I love watching poker tourneys on tv, I really wish the commentators would shut the hell up! So annoying. Or at the least, have previous champions do it, these talking heads are just annoying.