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infographic: How Does Google Work?

I’m a little behind the curve on this one, but a co-worker sent it to me yesterday and it’s pretty interesting. It’s a very detailed graphic/flowchart on how our pages, blogs, tweets, etc. get processed through the juggernaut that is Google and wind up as search results.


on the elevator: blondist

I was on the elevator a few minutes ago to let a new employee in through security. I had my coffee in one hand, iPhone in the other. We have wi-fi in the building and I was being an obsessive...


in DC: please curb… yourself?

The last of the frozen snow is finally fading and unfortunately what’s being left behind are the results of all the lazy dog owners who took their dogs out for a walk, but couldn’t be bothered to clean up after...



A delightful bit of spam* seen while making the afternoon e-mail check: Attention Beneficiary: We write to confirm if there will be any response from any of your relations concerning what we just heard from a man named Mr. Paul...


TWSS: Police raid Atlanta Eagle

Presented without comment from The Southern Voice, Atlanta police raid gay leather bar: But when you have the limited group of people going into a situation where they are outnumbered and they don’t know who is in there, it’s a...


wmata: common sense, use it

In light of this recent event, would the above ad campaign–albeit very clever–in metro stations be considered ironic or simply poor timing?* This isn’t to say I haven’t seen metro riders bumping into one another on the platforms due to...


ads: tenor to soprano… to bass

An ad making the rounds that gave me a chuckle is the new one from Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The recent campaign features Steve Berg (last seen as one of the groupies/singers in Dr. Horrible who’d do the weird stuff) as...


comics: What’s an IKEA?

It’s kinda icky and rainy, work is busy and it’s definitely a moody day. At least my elevator was working again this morning. This panel from Basic Instructions cracked me up as part of the strip, “How to Make a...


random: condemned to repeat it

Anyone else sick of all the remakes, covers, re-imaginings, etc.? To go off on a slightly* geeky tangent, in the X-Men and Alpha Flight comic from 1986, the trickster god was offering mankind the opportunity to become like gods. One...


random: class rings?

Just a passing thought from this morning’s metro and elevator ride: How old is too old to still be wearing a class ring? I’ve seen this mostly–and I say that, but it’s really like 100%–on men. Obviously there are no...