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politics: our Congress shot us down

This is a snippet from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s Summer mailing, the leading story was about her efforts to get a DC voting rights bill passed in Congress: I realize that things are rarely as cut and dry as a...


You’re all in on it!!

I had my own little conspiracy theory moment this morning on the train. I was watching this past Monday’s episode of Heroes on my iPhone. My DVR had to reboot itself right before the start of the show, so I...


Puzzling 1969 AIDS-Related Death

New evidence that a St. Louis teen-ager died of AIDS in 1969 suggests that the AIDS virus may have been introduced into the United States several times before touching off the current epidemic, according to experts in disease transmission. —...


It’s a conspiracy!

The plot continues. This morning the Starbucks only had mugs lids* for tall cups, no grande, no venti. It’s all a big scheme to deny me my caffeine! * See? I can’t even remember English anymore without my bean!