urbanbohemian at PAX Unplugged 2022!

I’ll get to my schedule for PAX Unplugged in a second, but first off… this happened.

PAX Unplugged had already used our Rivals of Waterdeep live show from last year as the thumbnail for their 2021 recap video, and it was a really nice surprise to see my face on their tweet. Recently a friend emailed me, “Did you know you’re on the homepage of PAX Unplugged?” and that was pretty cool.

PAX Unplugged using me and Eugenio in a publicity tweet? OMG!

However, PAX Unplugged 2022 is almost upon us, just 3 weeks away and I will be there for some panels, some TTRPG live shows and generally to see friends and enjoy a little bit of time in Philadelphia! The 2022 schedule is live on their site and all of my panels/appearances are confirmed at this point, so:

Friday, December 2nd

Give it a Shot! Tips & Tricks for Memorable TTRPG One-Shots
12:00pm ET
Leviathan Theatre / Room 114LEC

Into the Mother Lands Live from PAX Unplugged
8:30pm ET
Mothman Theatre / Grand Ballroom A

Saturday, December 3rd

Cyberpunk: Independence Cast Cosplay (?) Meetup

HOW TO TAKE PEOPLE’S MONEY (and give it to charity)
6:00pm ET
Leviathan Theatre / Room 114LEC

Sunday, December 4th

Rivals of Waterdeep Live from PAX Unplugged
1:00pm ET
Main Theatre / Grand Ballroom B

If you’re interested in scheduling an interview or professional meeting, the email found on my contact page is best. Please reach out now, as the schedule in this post is only my PAX Unplugged appearances and doesn’t account for all of my time over the weekend.

It’s not a super-full schedule, which suits me just fine. There may be last-minute changes or additions if someone needs a seat filled and I’m free, but otherwise I’m looking forward to seeing friends, playing games and having a fun weekend. The best way to keep up with me is by following me on Twitter… for now.

If you’re headed to PAX Unplugged 2022, I hope to see you in the audience for one of my panels or live shows or just feel free to say hello (making sure to wear a face mask, please) if you see me around the convention! 💖

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