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Jacques Pépin: How to Mark a Grilled Steak

One of the many things that apartment-dwelling cooks have to live with is that we often can’t grill whenever we’d like. Some of us may have access to communal grills–as I currently do now. However, ours isn’t always well-maintained so...


in DC: Dusk in Shaw

One doesn’t normally put the last photo of the evening at the beginning of an article, but this was worth sharing first. The sky at dusk from this past Saturday evening in DC, from some friends’ rooftop deck. I know...


food: I’m in love!

So ok, I’m not making a big fuss about today, really… I’m not. I was happy to chill out at home, enjoying the weekend and doing some chores, no big deal. Mo’Bo*, however, had other ideas and decided to make...