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Not yer usual Monday

My Monday morning is defined by the meetings that I usually have til lunchtime. This morning they were all canceled, what’s an office drone to do?! Thankfully the group trip out to Starbucks killed way more time than it should...


red RoVa, red RoVa

I’m not a fan of Virginia, I lived there for a short time and hopefully I’ll never have to go back, but even so I think that this piece of crap filler article comparing Northern VA (NoVa) and the rest...


A disappointment and a distraction

Everett and I won’t be bowling with the Tuesday night league anymore, we submitted our two week notice yesterday and to my knowledge we’ve received no response yet from the President or Secretary. It sucks, because I like bowling, I...


People suck. My bowling doesn’t.

My scores tonight: 125, 150, 214. I really do enjoy bowling and I wasn’t sure about joining a league because it’s a lot of bowling, it’s not cheap on weekly and membership fees and it’s weekly committment for a few...


stars upon thars

If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon. George Aiken


more issues than a newsagent

From Metroblogging DC: I’m here, I’m Queer – Lets Burn Crosses!! Too many issues colliding on this t-shirt for me to discuss. Call me when it’s a cling-tag for the window, right next to the gun rack.


final panel goodness!

Every Cloud has a Silver Lithium Oxide Lining It was cute, but the last panel cracked me up considering the last few days.