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Ooooh, temptation

Since it’s Sunday, I figured this was appropriate. I’m so tempted to make a few of these up and head to the local Jesus Bookstore. Click to see full sized version. The Bible a la Tipper Gore:



I love reading the entries on my LJ contacts list, but some people really got the Brokeback Mountain fever and HARD. While I cackle in delight at finding spoofs of same. Today I bring you: Lego Brokeback Mountain and Brokeback...


strike a post

So bad.. yet so good, though more suited to the blogosphere than LJ, gave me a much-needed chuckle. BLOGUE, by Owen Thomas (apologies to Madonna) “BLOGUE” Strike a post Strike a post Blogue, blogue, blogue Blogue, blogue, blogue Surf around,...