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video: I married a Chinese…

A disturbing bit of patter overheard this morning while listening to the news on our local Fox station. Mostly we just watch to see what the weather is like and if our metro commute will be impacted by anything. We normally ignore the sports report since it somehow manages to be both inane and banal, but some comments this morning about the recent World Cup win were just too much to let go.


2 cents: burning green/saving green

Regarding the Michael Phelps deal, the question “How dumb are you?” comes to mind. If he wants to burn one down, that’s his business. It isn’t yet legal, but it’s his business. But when you’re an Olympic medal-winner–and now role...


Freedom is Slavery

In addition to today being May Day, let us not forget that in the USA it is both Law Day: The right of ordinary men and women to determine their own future, protected by the rule of law, lies at...