it comes as no surprise


    Your type is the Renaissance Man

    Want a guy who’s into just about everything? Well, you’ve found him in your Renaissance Man! This guy is extremely passionate about everything you can think of. His interests run the gamut, from baseball stats to Dutch art, and he delves into all of his interests enthusiastically. Your guy will do anything and go anywhere and most likely have a smile on his face the whole time. You’ll constantly be mesmerized by how much information he soaks up and retains. Whether it’s because he’s extremely well-cultured or due to his romantic nature, you can’t help but fall for this guy. Although he’s got a plethora of redeeming qualities, this great catch can be somewhat scatterbrained. He can sometimes lose sight of reality and wind up living happily in the clouds. But when it comes down to it, that’s exactly where this guy will put you � on cloud nine.

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