scheduling problems

In my mind, I know I need to talk to Edwin about things, in that I’m realizing that it’s probably not gonna work out. Much as he’s a nice guy, last night I realized another piece of the puzzle. His schedule and mine.. they just don’t mix at all. And I know that’s one of the reasons that Jayson and I broke up, but seeing someone only on the weekends, when you live not even 5 miles away from them? That’s pretty bad. Combine that with the smoking and some other stuff and I guess we’ll have to have a talk. I hate those kind of talks though.. ‘cos there’s not a whole lot he could do to change my mind. But it needs to get out in the open so I know what his feelings on this are too. Nothing is too serious yet though, so I don’t imagine it will get too nasty. At least I really hope it won’t.

But like with Michael, I can’t be with someone if I’m not happy being with them. No wonder I’m single all the time, picky bitch that I am.

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