So I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately.. remembering old friends and finding that they still have a web presence, Brad Kuhn, or seeing they have a new one, Eric Robbins.

Something Larry said on the phone last night kinda struck me too. He left his old job ‘cos he felt like when he left each day, he hadn’t made a difference. Definitely how I feel here.

And Chris’ stock dropped yesterday. I know, I shouldn’t have really put any in him at all after what he said, but he had lunch with his ex, who he told me he still had feelings for. The long and the short of it is, they’ve decided to remain friends, but still have sex every now and then. I doubt that this will end up good for anyone involved and I should probably step back from it. I mean, I like Chris, and the sex is good, as is the hanging out type stuff, but now I feel like I really have been reduced to the level of fuckbuddy. Or no, when I was in Delaware, I went out with this guy, Kenneth Hyde who seemed nice, but was mainly using me ‘cos I was more interesting than his dildo since at the time he was already in a “relationship” with someone who lived out of state. Talk about feeling like a piece of meat.

(hmm, seems everyone’s got a webpage.. I should do some more webcrawls for old acquaintances)

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