pardon me, oh no, pardon me

After being blocked, nearly tripped and squished again this morning, I tend to wonder what it is that possesses people to not understand the personal space rules, or merely not care about anyone’s aside from their own. Yesterday, I wasn’t a pretty sight as it was, I had 4 bags to coordinate, and I wasn’t prepared for that, but well Adam bought me a George Foreman grill and It didn’t fit in any of my bags, so I had an additional shopping bag with me. And I was tired, and my bags were indeed heavy… anyway, I was waiting for the commuter train to get home, in the dark and cold and people are also starting to fill the platform, and while there were plenty of spots to both sides of me, this person, boppin’ along with these HUGE headphones on, stands directly in front of me. As if at that point in time, they had nothing else to do but to completely block me from getting to the train. Fine, I deal. I get on the train and back to Union Station to wait for the Metro train, when what does this person do again? Stands right in front of me on the metro train platform! I finally started moving down towards the other end of the platform, and then this person starts moving down too! I was appropriately freaked out.

Then this morning, after our train has to unload us due to “mechanical problems”, I had to ride the Blue line in, which I didn’t mind since it takes me right to the stop I need without having to transfer, but as I’m sitting there, reading ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ (finally), this woman plops down, and I mean plops, next to me, completely pressing me in against the train wall. And it’s not enough that she really should have found another seat, of which there were plenty available. She had to get “situtated”, moving and shuffling around as if she was going to be riding the train for hours. I barely had enough room to turn my pages, and honestly, I’m not that large a person and my shoulder width isn’t that great.

You just have to wonder what’s up with these people sometimes.

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