happy new year, with chunky monkeys no less

Spontaneous vacations are good things. The burdens of travel are NOT good things. Well, they aren’t that bad, but I don’t think I’ll be flying Southwest airlines any more if I can avoid it. Some might call them relaxed, I just call them lax. The tickets were cheap enough, true, but their seating preferences are literally first come, first served. Getting to BWI was pretty easy actually, the MARC commuter train got me from Union Station to the BWI Rail station and then a shuttle bus to the airport. I didn’t even have to wait in a long line to check-in, or so I thought. At their ticket counter you can check bags, but you check in at the gate. By sheer chance I happened to be standing in the right spot to get an early number, low numbers mean you get to board first. But getting on their planes is much like a cattle call, and all the while having to put up with really bad humor from the employees. But enough about Southwest, let them rot in peace.

I had a great time in Boston. Adam’s a really nice guy, he had a 1/2 dozen roses waiting on the passenger seat of the car when I arrived, a real winner. We went out and saw Boston, we stayed in and were bums, it was a very relaxing time, there was no pressure or anything. And new year’s eve was fun as well, we went to Ryles Jazz Club and had a jazzy little new year. The only thing I couldn’t get used to was the weather. Chilly is not my thing, unless I’m observing it from a nice warm room through a window, and we were supposed to get a snow storm but all Boston had was rain.

All in all it was a good trip, but I think I overextended my funds just a bit, so I may be a bit tight on money for a few days until that next paycheck rolls in. Ok, not ‘may be’, WILL be. Considering last day rent is due is tomorrow, I hate when I do that, but oh well. I still have over $100 in amazon gift certificates stored up, so maybe I can have a shopping fit without being out any funds.

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