if you can’t feel good

At the least you should look good, or something like that. In any case I do today, so there. I went to Potomac Mills this weekend and snagged a few nice shirts. I figure I’ll step my dress around the office up to business casual and see if it has any effect on the natives. It’ll give me a chance to discover exactly how one gets things dry cleaned and how much it costs.

The weekend was ok, teasingly warm and sunny considering that it’s back to the 30’s now that the week started. Shawn & I went out on Friday and Chris and I went shopping for clothes on Saturday, Sunday was quiet except for having lunch with Shawn at this place called Torrie’s. Supposedly low country cooking. It wasn’t all that great. And I spent time ironing. Realizing that it truly is easier to iron things when they’re damp. I still have some shirts I need to dampen and iron, and then maybe a roll by Marshall’s to see if they have any more nice shirts. Plus I need undershirts now more than ever, but something more than the standard ‘underwear’ style shirt.

Ah fashion, such pain it is…

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