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I am so gonna kill her…

Peek-a-Boo This is the last time I agree to meet her at Sparky’s for coffee on Saturday afternoon… really. We had a fun time, I even read the Blade and Metro Weekly, which I never do!


Sunrise over the water

Sunrise over the water The pics from the beach vacation are online. Eventually I’ll get the events written down and posted… or perhaps a short version of the highs and lows from our time there. I dunno. 🙂


why their margaritas sell so well

Aside from having a rapidly advancing social calendar, not much else was notable about work yesterday. A few IMs to a few people and a few incoming evites have pretty much filled my dance card for the week. After work...



I hate sickness, I hate allergies… I hate allergies that like to masquerade as colds, I hate being sniffly snotty and I HATE blowing my nose every 5 minutes. That said, it was a pretty nice weekend, I was due...



As everyone else is noticing, Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Erasure shows have been postponed. Details on the reschedule dates will be posted as they become available. Well shit. But at least I won’t miss bowling.


the art of happiness, after work

My co-workers and I are going to pull off the impossible, we’re actually all going out to happy hour. Normally someone cancels and it all falls apart, but after checking and re-checking with everyone, we’re definitely gonna knock back a...


me wantee: juicer

Amazon.com: Kitchen & Housewares: Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus The first line of “Features” cracks me up, I’m ashamed to say: Professional juice extractor adjusts to juicing load, maximizing juice extraction But that aside, I’d really like a juicer,...


in other news…

I bowled a 183, 181 and 162 tonight (my average is 142), so those were some pretty damn good games, and Rob thinks I might be up for bowler of the week since it was 100 pts over my average...


boys r dumb

What is the motivation behind someone saying they will call you, and then not calling? What’s up with that? Though considering e-mail and IM goes unanswered, I’m guessing its pretty clear, but the unknowns are so odd, what could have...