got off track again

Just hadn’t been in the mood to get back to this lately.

sunday 3/11

    Sunday was a pretty good day, aside from the playful joking of Sean and Jerome about my activities the previous evening. We transported over to Mandalay Bay and went to the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. Las Vegas is quite cool in the fact that you really don’t have to go many places on foot, until you’re inside the casinos. Most are connected via trains and moving walkways, so if you want to stay on the strip, you’re all set, and the taxis aren’t too bad, especially with no group surcharge.

    Anyway, Brunch. Aside from standing in line for a long while, it was great! We were practically front row center, and the food, oh you’d gain 10 pounds just looking at the buffet line. We got our seats, then stood in line (grabbing a few mimosas while there), and LOADED up on food. It was just all so great, I can’t even describe it all, but we stuffed ourselves. Well not Jerome, since he barely eats anything (and I thought I was neurotic). Then the show started. Talk about some SPIRIT. It was great, I like gospel when they aren’t too preachy, and they weren’t. They asked for some audience participation, and even passed the mic around if anyone felt the urge to sing. It was truly a great show, and the servers weren’t too obtrusive at refilling glasses and clearing plates while they performed.

    After that we headed back to the hotel and Jerome napped while sean and I wend to gamble. I pulled $200 out of the ATM (they only dispense hundreds there), and gave Sean $100, telling him to go to the craps table and win me some money. Mean while I plunked some quarters in a machine and ended up winning 250 quarters right off the bat. Once again, signs pointing to some good karma paying off. Sean played, and I plunked, moving from machine to machine, playing a little and not going overboard.

    Eventually Sean was tapped out, and I kept playing, not really thinking about or doing the math of how much I’d won, but we went to cash out and I had $200, when I’d gone down and originally spent $20 in that first machine. So I was pleased, I won back the money Sean lost in the casino, and all was good. I could almost forget that they had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio, and I didn’t.

    Later we ate and such and drank a little and Sean and Jerome got dressed and went to the show. I sat around, watching my Sunday night FOX shows, took a nice long bath and then went back downstairs for some more gambling. And won MORE money. It was a good night. I figured after another $200, I was ready to stop and just headed upstairs to bed. Sometime in the evening, Sean and Jerome wandered back in and I woke up briefly to talk and immediately nodded back off to sleep.

So in Vegas so far… Won money, was feeling very relaxed, met a wonderful guy… This was turning out to be quite the nice vacation.

Is it the weekend yet?

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