have another cocktail sweetie

Below is my quickie journal on my trip to San Francisco, I’ll fill in more details later, but the Palm was a nice touch to have along for daily updates.

Thu. Arrive, hug, eat, go out, meet his friends, had sex (w/pop), sleep

Fri. Shopping w/Mark & Raul, came home, napped, changed, went to Castro & drank, then to The Endup, had E, realized there’s no interest so danced all night (no choice)

Sat. Finally went home & napped then a cab to lunch @ El Rio (w/margeritas). Then home for nap, then out to houseparty where nearly everyone was on SOMETHING & lookinq to get more (*blegh*). I AM NOT A PARTY GIRL! Sean & Raul made plans to go out, I wasn’t consulted at all. So I had them drop me off at home & slept. Had a dream that Sean really wanted to sleep w/me (deluded).

Sun. Tourista! We drove around the city & saw sights (finally). Went to the LEVI store, then…? More drinking naturally. Sean gave me the “friends” line and that’s that.

Mon. Waiting on the shuttle now while Sean sleeps. Overall a fun holiday, but I’d say Sean could use a lesson or two in being a good host. Looking forward to going home though.

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