and the beat(ing) goes on

saturday 4/21:

    9 hours. And what’s worse is that the E didn’t wear off, but my brain and body just eventually got bored with the experience and I was ready to move onto something else or go home or whatever. Regardless, Sean wasn’t ready to go, and Raul had already gone outside with one trick, and then gone home with another, so I had to sit and stew a while, in some cold San Fran temps while everyone else got their little rush worn out of them. Eventually Sean came down and we headed back home and I just went to bed. I wasn’t tired, but it was easier to say I was sleepy than to sit there and wonder just what I’d gotten myself into…

    Eventually I did get into dreamland, and Sean told me he was heading out for some food and to give him a call in a few hours to catch up with them. I did, and took a cab to meet them down on 16th and Mission, where they (Lisa, Sean, Darrel) were waiting on Raul to show up after his trick. After sitting around for a while we called Raul to catch up, then headed to McD’s for a snack and then met him and headed over to a bar El Rio, that was having a little show and barbecue.

    It was all right, a little hip hop group, clearly not ready for the big time. But they sounded better after the 4 or 5 margueritas. Also met another friend (though Sean is assuring me that these people only show up in his life every 3 weeks or so, just my luck), Pilar, yet another person who was not only on a few drugs at the time, but could easily supply us with some. In any case, there was word of a house party later that evening, so we decided that’d be the plan for the evening and went with it. Oh my gods, at this party, just about everyone was on something, looking for something, taking something, etc.

    It was nice for a while, I was actually feeling social, but the later it got, the more friendly people left and the more ‘cracked out’ (their slang for someone currently on a drug) stayed or showed up. At one point Pilar comes out and says “Does anyone need anything? ‘cos I’ve got everything!” And I kinda just sunk down into a chair by the fireplace and stayed there. Sean and Raul (who was cracked out himself) were off and being social and eventually made some plans to go out to Esta Noche, some Latin bar, but they didn’t consult me on this at all, so I just told Sean to drop me off or take me someplace easy to catch a cab. I was dropped off and went to sleep, had the oddest dream about Sean, that he really was the person I was hoping for, and that this weekend was just a total fluke. Am I a hopeless romantic or what?

sunday 4/22:

    Today was the first day Sean kinda started acting like a host and we drove around the city, taking in some sights, not that it was anything too terribly special, since I’d seen San Fran before, and was really hoping to see some stuff outside the city, or at least get a real “SF experience”. But we did the Scenic Drive, and drove through Golden Gate Park. Had lunch at a great Italian place in North Beach, even headed downtown to see the big LEVI store. Sean works for them, if I hadn’t mentioned it before. The store’s pretty cool. They have a hot tub where you can shrink your jeans, then a huge blow dryer. Also have this place where you can get custom fit for your jeans, it was nifty, if not a bit pricey. I don’t need a custom pair of Levi’s for $70, just to pray that my shape never ever changes on me.

    After that we went back to his place and bummed for a while, then he got on the cell phone (honestly, he spent more time talking to people on the cell phone than he did to me the whole weekend), and we decided to meet some friends out at The Bar on Castro later on for drinks and what not. Gods forbid you go through a day without drinking. It was fun, met more of his running buddies, and he in his roundabout way said that we should just focus on being friends and leaving it at that. By this time I was quite content to let that pass without argument. Anyway, more drinks, more friends, and we ended up going over to The Badlands again and dancing dancing dancing, until I looked around and realized that everyone had left me on my own. Only to find they’d all gone outside and were laughing and chatting it up. At that point I grabbed my coat and headed along home. Ah yes, when we were at The Bar earlier, one of Sean’s friends asked me “Has Sean been a good hostess this weekend?”, after I didn’t answer, Sean pipes up “Not really, no, I’ve been more indpendent.” And that puts the punctuation on the weekend right there folks.

monday 4/23:

    Nothing much to report for Monday, the shuttle got me right on time, the flight got back to Baltimore a little early, and oh my god it’s HOT here, and pollen everywhere. Chris, bless his soul came over to have dinner with me. I was not in a good mood about things, and he made me feel a little better, but still he has a way of saying a little too much so that his stories sometimes make you wonder what the point was in the first place. Still he means well.

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