i grow weary

… i grow weary …

It’s odd, but for me the morning shower is the place I have the most revelations. The most recent one is that I’m simply “tired” of Northern Virginia. At least my part of it. I also found my papers that show my lease is up on March 31, 2002, so I better get a move on with packing and deciding exactly what it is I’m going to do about a place to live. I’d love to buy, if that’s at all possible. Also I’m doing better about getting my debt in order. I’ve moved around money so that I’m only paying 2 creditors a month in addition to my American Express account, which I don’t consider to be in the same league since it makes me way too responsible. I don’t use the AmEx unless I know I have the money, since they don’t play that whole revolving balance game.

And just tonight I noticed that my lease expires on March 2002, so I’d better get a move on!

So far my ad has gotten a few good responses, one of which actually works for my company (small world), so we’ll see what that brings in the next few weeks.

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