long distance love

so am I too old to believe in long distance love on the internet? I’ve been back and chatting on gay.com recently, which for the most part is yet another online “gay” website aimed at making money off the fact that people are lonely, and they will seek any port in a storm to get themselves out of such a state. That and that every gay man should look like a cross between a porn star and an Abercrombie and Fitch model. That said, there are still some really nice guys online. So long as you’re able to accept the concept that not everyone DOES look like an A&F model. Right now there’s an opera singer in NYC that seems to think I hung the moon (or am hung like the moon, or something like that), and it’s kinda nice to know that a 2-dimensional representation of myself in images and words is doing a much better job than the real article can.

I went to Borders yesterday after work. Borders Boy wasn’t there.

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