he asked me if I’d be his valentine

Well reservations have been made, and I have a date for Valentine’s Day. Took me by surprise, actually, he asked me if I’d be his valentine. Isn’t it sickeningly sweet? We’re headed to Bistro Bis. I’m pretty excited actually, and still a little surprised at how nice this guy is.

This weekend was pretty good. Friday Joe met the friends for sci-fi and then we headed out to meet his friends for a few drinks. I spent a lot of the weekend hoarse and icky, but it may be that Joe’s cats are sending my cold into allergy territory. Everything that’s ever been worn at his place is being washed. Saturday was Sean’s birthday party, Japanese steakhouse, yum! Photos here. Then Sunday we had brunch with Peter and Rob and a friend of theirs before going to look at an apartment and then homes with the realtor. I’m not sure where Sean really stands on the apartment thing and I’m trying not to force the issue since he’s got to learn to make up his mind on his own and not just go with the strongest opinion. Personally, I’d like to move and save some money before definitely going for the house thing, however that would mean at least 6 months to a year since finding short term places aren’t easy in DC. Still when we saw the place, Sean was excited, then when he related the same to the realtor it sounded like he was willing to be talked out of it just ‘cos the realtor said “Well, that means I have to wait a year for my commission…” So I dunno. Then later on Sunday I picked up Joe from the train station and we went to Georgetown and had dinner and then hung out at his place. His cats seem to love me for some reason, so I’d better find out what their effect on me really is, or if it’s just the cold opening up the floodgates for infection.

I feel better though, even my throat isn’t too scratchy today (and that’s still after being crawled over by cats for hours last night) and my voice sounds more normal. It’s been in Harvey Fierstein mode for the past few days. I’ll be heading back into the office tomorrow and hopefully getting to see Joe tomorrow evening since he’s off on a ski trip from Wed through the end of the week. 🙁

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