it’s casual…

The world’s going to hell.. Michael Jackson’s been caught.. The sniper’s getting his comeuppance.. Bush is still, Bush.
But none of that matters when its casual Friday at the office. Not that I mind wearing nice clothes, but its SUCH a freedom to dress down, if only for one day of the week. Unfortunately I chose a shirt that seems intent on unbuttoning itself at random (if only I could master that technology, hands free stripping), but it still looks cute.
It also seems like Friday is the day much more cruising takes place on public transport, perhaps because not only do people look comfortable, they feel comfortable too when they’re dressed down. That and its the freakin’ weeken’ and its time to get your party on, why let 8 hours of work ahead of you stop you from being flirty?
It’s been a good week at work so far, the boss came to me yesterday and told me that the work I’ve been doing is really good. To hear that after just 4 days on the job is really nice. I think one of my biggest fears was that I’d sit down, be shown my computer, get a huge inbox stack of work and
then have no idea how to proceed.
This environment is a dream job compared to the EPA. Yes, I had much more freedom in my job there, but still not much control over the way it was done. And the fact that some days people didn’t even know whether I was in the office or not was a mixed blessing to say the least. But there was no testbed, projects were abandoned for days to weeks, then remembered at the last moment and expected immediately, and my management was of little help, first being on-site but devoted to other projects, then being located in North Carolina and having no idea what working on-site with the customer was like. So I guess its a good thing I moved on.
I would have liked to have been prepared for being called up and told “you have two more weeks and your job no longer exists” – and I think that’s burned me a little bit, in that I’ll be prepared from now on and won’t be caught unawares, that’s for certain. Since right now, the two months off was refreshing to my mind, but not so to my wallet.
Not that I’m a big fan of the “gift” aspect of the holiday season, but this season will be a little tighter than usual. But I’m realizing that I have resources I hadn’t thought of before, like frequent air miles and amex points and stuff, so I won’t be totally out of the game, but it’s probably going to take me a month or more before I can replenish my savings and get back in control of my bills. The roommate’s offered me a loan, but I don’t see that happening. I’ll be ok, but I’m going to hit the wall of “no I can’t go out/eat out/etc” – even if I found someone to date, I’d have to imagine that being out of money is still better than being out of a job.
Ah work and LJ… what a pair.

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