the organized life?

So I’m thinking that while I’m all poor and stuff, I should use the last of my spent money and get started on organizing my cd collection. Normally I’m not for organization whatsoever, but it would be nice to know what I have, and to get the space back from loads of jewel cases and liner notes that for the most part I have no desire to keep. Hell, it’s possible that one day I’ll rip all of my music to mp3 and keep it on an uberserver, but until that happens, cd notebooks will do, I think.
It’s sort of a misdirection to things, I’d like to be less cluttered, so I attack something on the periphery that will have a positive outcome and hopefully will encourage me to keep the process going. And while it’s nice to have people say “Wow, you’ve got a lot of music” – I’d rather see the subtle unspoken, “Wow, this place is really nice” instead. says that my time off was really good for me and I agree, it made me realize that there are two parts to my life and while most of the time you feel that you have to give yourself over completely to the “work” side, or worse the “work%
22 and “social” side, that you also need to make “me” time, whether that’s sitting on the couch, refinishing furniture or just reading.
Right now when I get home from work I am kinda pooped out, but that will change once I get more into the rhythm of things, and then I will want things to do. This isn’t the season for always getting out and about, so those things are going to have to be in my own space. For instance, I’ve got a cheesecake recipe to try out. Gotta get to the store. Or perhaps tomorrow. Tonight I should hit Union Station for my train ticket. Though I could do that tomorrow or Sunday or anyday before Weds. If I tried to make a test cheesecake tonight, then there might be some for Michael to taste tomorrow night. There’s a book signing/reading tonight and dinner to follow, but I think I’ll pass on that, I don’t own any of the author’s works and I can’t afford to buy any at the store, nor could I really afford dinner in the area that they’re going to be in. Sometimes its easier not to show up than it is to make excuses for leaving. I don’t have any plans for the evening, but I do have Netflix movies that I can watch, and Strangers With Candy. I got the Two Towers extended version on DVD, but I don’t think I have the stamina for that tonight.

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