A potato, thoroughly baked, liberally buttered.

I think it’s time for a steak dinner. I might take myself out for that tomorrow night or another night this week. I seem to be doing ok on light eating on all other fronts. I felt really bad last night at the potluck, in that VERY little appealed to me, something about the way certain store bought things are default-seasoned is kinda icky. Hm, I won a door prize of $5 and a coupon for the Chilis in Crystal City… which doesn’t really do me much good but I’m sure someone will want it.
I also want to see Kill Bill since I missed seeing that with everyone else, and a theater in Dupont is showing it, so maybe I can arrange to do that on the same night as the steak. I better hurry before they roll over their showings.
This is all assuming of course, that the roommate is being willful and stubborn as usual, and not relaxing and taking care of himself, so I won’t feel the need to stay home with him.

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