I’m so domestic..

Call me crazy (waits for it), but there’s something fun about putting together a grocery shopping list. I suppose it’s that I think about the things I’m going to make when I’m assembling it. Plus I love having the weekly grocery circulars on the web so I don’t have to scramble to find a Sunday paper, though I am missing out on the coupons, but the coupons rarely intersect with the store’s “club” specials anyway. And one of the only ways to really save money on groceries is to buy only/mostly what’s on sale… and produce.
But its about time I stocked up, though I don’t see this trip hitting my usual mark of $150 or so, but it will get some staple foods in the house and give me stuff to make for snacks/lunches at the office. This is all assuming the roomie allows me the use of his car, ‘cos its too cold to go otherwise. Helloooooooo, Peapod. 😛
My laptop is already exhibiting some difficulties, but I suspect that it’s just the battery. I can run just fine on AC power, but disconnect that and it’s dead. Hopefully Best Buy can just replace it, no problem. (thank goddess for that warranty
plan) It probably got hit with a surge that I’m unaware of. Otherwise, I love it. Just got a new camera that sits atop the screen like a vulture, much easier to video chat with my friends.
Ah, car is free to use this evening, roommate apologized, all’s well with the world… for the moment.

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