gropin’ Groban

Last night’s Josh Groban concert was wonderful!  Though I didn’t realize he had such a “heartthrob” following.  There were many screaming women (and very possibly quite a few screaming men), but it gave the concert an energy I wasn’t quite expecting.
He puts on a very good show, the lighting created a great mood, I looked for pictures online, but no one has any, which is surprising considering all the camera flashes that were going off last night.  (There really need to be more web tutorials about how to take concert pictures without flashes)
The only production problem was that, at times, the musicians overpowered his mic amplification, so he was getting a little drowned out, but otherwise it was a lot of fun, he’s a real cutie and he was playing up the “aww, you guys really like me” thing.
The venue was very nice, I’ve lived in DC for years and I haven’t been to any of the non-DC concert venues and it didn’t take us *too* long to get there and back. We’re going to see John Mayer in a few weeks and that should be fun!

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