rump-shakin’ fun

Personally, I blame for not tellin’ me that the song I have been lovin’ to death every time I hear it (and that I shook my ass too in Providence.. and the bowling alley in Annandale) was “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child. I heard it on gaydarradio yesterday at the office and since they’re so good about publishing their playlist.. I was shocked, I tell ya.
So I acquired the single with 4 mixes.. and the video, which is an excellent concept… well to someone that’s kinda old-skool like me or someone that saw “You Got Served” and remembers throw down dance-offs. The ladies appear in it not once, not twice, but three times. As two groups goin’ off against each other, then as.. I guess the tie breakers. Nothing new about the use of split screens and back-of-head wigs to perform the Patty Duke maneuver, but it works. Since most girl groups would just be themselves all the way through and somehow change costumes every 5 seconds.

So far this song holds the public foolishness record as it took me forever to strut across the metro platform this morning while listening to it.. and I’m pretty sure I did a dance step or two and slapped my ass… but I won’t confirm that… ever. 😉

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