it’s too cold…

Coming off of an overstuffed holiday weekend.. still too cold tho, my brain hurts. *checks weather in San Diego* Ahhh.
Friday, the tame night of the bunch, I went to the Fraser Gallery with Jenifer to see some of Al’s pieces in a show there. It was ok, the sangria was horrible and the crowd was.. well.. artsy. Afterwards we braved the cold to head to Cafe Deluxe, where we had some rather good Long Island Iced Teas and very good food and crowd-watching.
Saturday was gaming day and well… suffice to say that dungeon crawling, even when it’s modern characters sucked into a fantasy-setting video game world, is still a pain in the ass
. I really didn’t have all that much fun. It feels like the group has gotten away from “role”-playing and we’re just “roll”-playing, I think we may have had to speak as our characters perhaps once or twice in an… 8-hour session. I don’t memorize the rules, I don’t own all the books, I like to develop a character’s personality. I don’t know to ask about attacks of opportunity or critical hits, I rarely know which die to roll or when to use an action point to maybe make a successful attempt at something. But I figure that if I can at least play my character, the GM will be a little forgiving of those things and give me hints when necessary. What was worse is that afterwards, we had a sort of “how’s the game going” conversation. Steve (GM) has suggested that we develop some alternate characters, so that we might have more of a pool of PCs to game with rather than having the same gang take on everything. This was agreed upon, for the most part, except for one person who says, “I like focusing on one character and developing that character’s personality!” I bit my tongue and nearly drew blood as this is the one player that mostly games by shouting and if his character HAS a personality, it’s identical to this player’s own. Another sentiment set forth by this player was that he doesn’t see the point in working on certain skills for his PC, only to have them dupli
cated by other characters. “Why did I bother taking Arcane Knowledge if everyone has it? What’s the point in having Decipher Script when anyone can do it?” And I think.. one of the biggest pet peeves is that he insists on knowing what everyone else’s sheet says, and saying, “Wait a minute, can’t you (he never remembers ANYONE’s character name) cast ****? Don’t you have a high skill level in ****?” I’d try to get this shirt for the next gaming session, but I’m afraid the joke would be totally lost on him. It’s caused me to really wonder if I’m having any fun gaming, or if this is just a way for me to spend time with these guys.
Saturday night was much more fun, I went out drinking and dishing with Michael. We just popped back and forth between Omega and The Fireplace, but mostly just talked and had a few cocktails. I got approached by this one strange guy that had been looking at me all night.. finally he comes up to me and says, “I just remembered where I know you from!” – this guy had chatted with me in Rehoboth, 2 years ago when I was there with my old roommate. He freaked me out a little then and was platinum blonde, and he freaked me out just as much this time.. not blonde tho. It wasn’t conversation as much as he just started rambling on about how he has to do his own thing and how guys just aren’t about the vibe he’s bringing or something. – ??? – Michael and I stayed out kinda late, actually (rare for us) and I promptly passed out once home.

Sunday afternoon I got together with ES for brunch and yarn shopping (soooooo gay!), we also hit Barnes & Noble and I picked up my nostalgia wooden Sorry! game and we stopped at Hecht’s where I got some cute clothes for going out later on. While in the two stores, I was kinda dreading that I might run into my ex, since those are two of his haunts. I didn’t, thankfully, but I guess it’s always the first after-sighting that you dread the most. ES and I made our way over to Dupont where I grabbed a bus home. Third date, and a sorta peck on the cheek.. but he still seems to be on the last stages of “sick” and I didn’t want to catch anything. Still, it was a very nice day.
Sunday evening Jenifer and I went to Taint a “queer indie rock/pop, electro, new wave lounge/dance night [… ] for gay boys, girls and everybody in between.” – it was hardly the blast I was hoping for, tho Jenifer and I did look cute. It reminded me of a hetero college party. Not much room to do anything but stand and TRY to make your way to the bar. Everyone sto
od in a long-ass line for the coat check and then by the time the music really got going, they were standing back in line to pick up their coats to leave. *shrug* Perhaps with a bigger group of people, it would be more fun.. and with more drinks, but it took too long to get up to the bar.. craziness. says he likes it, so maybe I’ll go with him one day and see it through a moose’s eyes. I’m starting to think vodka makes me hungry though.. I came home really wanting something salty-yummy, but I didn’t have anything quick and easy, so I toddled to bed.

Monday, being the butt of the weekend was chores and chores and more chores. I had 4 laundry machines occupied at once and managed to get all the stuff done by one. Watched the AbFab 2004 Christmas Special while I folded and IM’d people. It’s good, but the girls are starting to lose the appeal, goodness knows when it will actually air over here. I treated myself with Chinese takeout for lunch and then did dishes and cleaned up a bit. Chatted a bit with Sean about my upcoming visit to San Diego and what the boys are wearin’ out there in the clubs.. (same as here, just shorter sleeves)
That night was bowling and we did ok, SD was there and I was chatty enough. Jenifer thinks that I was getting cues of interest, but I don’t know, I was mostly focused on the game. My new average was 170, so I was trying to systematically bring it down without totally killing the team’s game for the night. We won’t know the results til they sort out averages for our opposing team.

I didn’t sleep very well last night, perhaps too much rest during the day left me with a lot of energy. Right now I’m just looking forward to a short day and packing this evening in prep for my flight tomorrow afternoon. I’m taking the laptop with me, though I’m not sure how much access to the internet I’ll have out there, mostly I’ll want it there to offload any pics I take.

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