Daily Archive: March 24, 2005


my mind is bigger than my stomach

DCist: A Pasta Primer, Everytime I see any recipe or method online, I immediately want to print it, head to the store, go home and cook it. Regardless of the fact that I could probably barely eat it all on...


damn it all to hell…

I dropped my cell phone, well it more fell off my desk when I reached for some papers, and it’s most definitely cracked up. It still appears to work and take calls, but the reception is wiggy. So now I...



I took the test and came out 77% Dixie… Thankfully there are no massive graphics and tables to post from the results. What are yours? Southern Dialect Quiz


weird, but cool

Before any heavy writing today, a little bit of fun, Transparent Screens via flickr. Unfortunately, my laptop moves around too much, and there’s nothing of interest behind my LCDs on my desktops. Still cool tho.