Daily Archive: April 13, 2005


New! Shiny! New!

My new phone arrived today and I got that usual “Whee! New Tech!” feeling with it, even managed to get mp3 ringtones of my own choosing on it at no cost. I love being a hacker sometimes. It’s cool having...


“The Man Date”

*hee hee* The New York Times > Fashion & Style > The Man Date (and before you gripe about having to register, go here and obtain a login, or use the bookmarklet)


Blossom 005 – license to sneeze

Blossom 005 – a photoset on Flickr Sometimes it’s good to take a walk in the middle of a work–a-day Monday. 🙂 The pictures didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped, but it was my manager’s camera he let...