so precious and so cruel

Wow, wow, wow… Erasure was great last night.

I had dinner with [info]Tod, [info]Doug and [info]Greg beforehand, after a mini self-makeover at home and a lot of paper towels, lordy it was hot and sticky yesterday evening. We ate at Rice where the meal was also hot and sticky, but in a very good way. I’d definitely go back, I had mandarin orange chicken in honey, very nice.

We walked over to the 930 Club where I met [info]dchockeyguy and left tickets for and got money for same from [info]scorpiocub, both very nice and very cute.

The concert was definitely for Erasure lovers, all the “If they don’t play this song, I’ll die” songs were played, new stuff, old stuff. 4 costume changes for Andy, fabulous diva backup singers, Vince looking strange, per usual and doing a fine job of the rap on their cover of “Rapture”. The stage design was a little creepy, but perfect for the small venue, a small forest of twisty, gnarled trees. We sang, we screamed, we danced.. I left sweaty and exhausted. And woke up this morning hoarse. 😀

PS: Anyone in DC that wants to see/meet them, they’ll be at Tower Records today, from their website

Erasure will be doing an in-store autograph signing on Tues 7th June at 1pm, Tower Records, Washington DC.

The signing session with Erasure will be from 1 to 3pm only. They will be signing their new CD, Nightbird and ONE additional piece of memorabilia only. Line up will begin at 11am on the day of the event, outside the 21st Street entrance

Address details:

Tower Records
2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC

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