thank you Summertime

Or rather DC’s version of Summertime that seems to show up about oh, 2-4 weeks before the actual start of summer. Thank you because you justify every “faggy” skin product I keep on the shelf in my bathroom, the ones that cause people to walk out of it saying “Geez, got enough product, Brian?”

Well I will be going home to give my face and hair a onceover as both are dry, the former also oily (how nice is that?) maybe sandblasting or a facial. I want to look cuter for the concert tonight. Yeah it’ll be dark.. and smoky.. but I don’t care, I must look cute. And I can feel a zit forming on my nose. Always the nose.

But at least there’s much less pollen in the air, though I still woke up stuffy, but I think my A/C’s air filter needs cleaning or replacing.

*feeling a little more giddy-happy about Erasure*

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