well and firmly toasted

Nope, not a post about last night’s after-work Happy Hour, which was bunches of fun. Just a quick post to head off another rant about service industry employees. Went to Quiznos, ordered a sandwich, came up the wrong size, paid anyway, got back to my office, soggy sandwich on the wrong type of bread, looked up the store location, fired off a seriously “perturbed customer” letter via web form (smart Quiznos, don’t provide an e-mail address or a means to confirm the letter submitted, copy & paste, suckas!). There was no one in line behind us, so if there was confusion, there was time to ask me to repeat myself.

All I really ever want, is to get what I ask for, especially when I’m paying for it. But I think that’s what most people want, and should be the standard level of expectation. However whenever I see people looking into their bags or on their trays or in their coffee cups with disappointment and saying “Oh, that’s ok, I’ll eat/drink/take it anyway,” I think the meter slides down a notch every time.

I have visions of every restaurant having “Mel” in the back, pointing a spatula at customers saying, “You’ll get what I serve up and you’ll LIKE it.”

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