What the heck am I doing here?

Well I had a headache last night so went to bed early listening to Brian Eno – Ambient 1 and I guess it resulted in some really good sleep. I got up this morning and looked out the window to see a layer of white over everything. I was surprised as I didn’t think it really had the staying power, but when I checked the federal operating status, they’re Open under a Delayed/Unscheduled Leave. Maybe someone else who’s worked for the feds or at least by that schedule for a while can back me up, it seems in recent years even on really bad weather days that the feds have been much more reluctant to just close. Perhaps it’s a budget thing or a public relations thing.

When I walked out the door today just around 7, my foot had that satisfying soft crunch atop the snow and a few seconds later I heard the inevitable poof! as my foot went right through it to ground level. I’m glad I wore jeans today. I think it was too early for most of the pictures I took to come out, but I’ll upload what I have later.

The best thing about the weather? It’s got public transit schedules all wonky, which more or less guts my Valentine’s Day plans with J tonight. Woo. Hoo.

But enough of that, some funny/snarky/truthful/look in a mirror links:

Quite a few examples on that first link are why I found myself not attending many LSF gatherings anymore.

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