drinking too much

Well, I’m at the office now for my 2 hours of servitude. I actually think I came close to drinking too much last night. I got up and did the toilet hug for a while, but didn’t end up “getting rid” of anything. Maybe my body just needed the walk around, ‘cos that made me feel better than just lying on the bathroom floor, which is usually what I have to do and sweat my ass off when I’m gonna toss cookies. I’m about to place my bid on the KC bag. Which will make me much happier for a bit, since my current bag is falling apart and if I ever did go on an interview I’d need something that said ‘This guy means business’.

I think I hit the drinking point last night combined with environment that makes me stop being giggly and fun and just get depressed and see some of the futility of it all. But I have to keep laughing and giggling regardless ‘cos I don’t want people saying ‘Damn, he’s no fun drunk.’ Well whatever, I better do what I came to the office to do.

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