God’ll get you for that…

Co-workers and I were trying out a new Starbucks the other day, one that could potentially be “on the way” from the metro to the office. Recently Starbucks has been running this My Starbucks promotion, they finally put up what I’ve been waiting for forever, a site that educates people on their options for ordering a coffee drink. I used to really hate coffee, but now if it’s bold and flavorful (not just utilitarian) I like it and I really like espresso so as I’d been seeing them say “double-shot” all this time I wanted to try a little extra punch in my latte. So I order my usual Grande Sugar-Free Vanilla Skim Latte (already a mouthful) and ask for a double-shot. Before the guy at the register can say anything, a shorter woman behind the pastry counter snaps at me, “A grande’s already got two shots, you want a triple or 4 shots in it?!” And she wasn’t really asking in that “customer education” way, she snapped at me. So eventually I learned from the guy at the register (who was nice) that what I want to ask for is a “Triple Grande”. Cool, lesson learned, evil glare shot at that little wench with the sharp voice, double-shot, even.

I went in there this morning trying to sort out how my commute could be redirected to pass by that ‘bucks on the way to the office and the woman was there again, this time running a register — It didn’t matter though, I was ready for her and her attitude. As I advanced to a few orders from the front of the line I saw that she was acting really strangely.Starbucks - My Latte I thought it was just work-goofing-off and was kinda pleased that she was in a good mood but then realized that she couldn’t talk, sore throat, laryngitis, whatever. She was still attempting to take orders, call out drinks, talk to customers and co-workers… and failing miserably.

I gave my drink order to another woman clearly covering for the no-voice and got rung up by the same nice guy as the time before and wandered off with my latte thinking, “Y’see? Snap at me and God strikes you mute, little girl.”

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2 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Wow, you wield power of the almighty…with the exception of CM meetings. Even God wants nothing to do with those.

  2. Brian says:

    I think the simultaneous prayers for her to be struck down are clogging up the airwaves. That or she’s got Big G in her back pocket ‘cos even s/he won’t stand up to her.

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