Can I get a do-over on that comment?

Just to share with you the intelligent discourse that I engage in throughout my day.

kudzu71: I’m going to Starbucks. Want anything?
urbanbohemian: Bring me back a quad venti sugar free non fat vanilla latte
urbanbohemian: Oh no wait.. I’ve already got one here.
kudzu71: I’m not sure I could remember all that
urbanbohemian: Then what good are you!?
kudzu71: I’ve been going more often since the new cute barista started

kudzu71: the cute barista is reason enough, but on Fridays I swear that a bus of Abercrombie models stops in after lunch
urbanbohemian: *rowr!
urbanbohemian: Do they bring their own rugby fields and pastoral riverside scenes with them?
kudzu71: in my head they do…and most of them are glistening from just having come out of the lake…but thats in my head as well.
urbanbohemian: Make sure I get on the VIP guest list for your head.
kudzu71: of course
urbanbohemian: *facepalm..
kudzu71: ROFL
urbanbohemian: I have absolutely no recovery from that one.
kudzu71: s’ok. that was classic

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Y’know, you probably would have seen that coming if your face hadn’t been in your palm…

  2. Chris says:

    (and yes, I really did leave a comment just so that I could see my name pop up with the Mexican flag next to it…)

  3. Michael says:

    This could only be funnier if you said it out loud and there was video captured and published on YouTube 😆

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