Fenty’s staffers gots iPhone line cuts?

According to a Consumerist tipster, Mayor Fenty’s staffers cut the iPhone line at a downtown AT&T store.

So we’re all waiting outside and some of the people around me notice a double parked car with a driver and a few dudes outside all on Blackberries talking and looking into the store. A little while later, a guy comes out with three bags and gives them to the driver. AT&T was only allowed to sell one iPhone per customer. Then the same guy disappears back into the store, into the back room. The manager comes out to update people and someone asks him what just happened and we find out that the phones are for D.C.’s mayor, Adrian Fenty. The guy comes out again and quickly gets into an SUV parked in front of the store. By this point, more than a few people are asking questions, and after a guy behind me yells out “fix the schools first,” the guy gives him the finger and sneers, “there’s only 15 left.”

At least Philly Mayor Street was decent enough to both wait in line and then give up his spot when a passerby questioned him on the city’s murder statistics.

But hey, it’s DC, our mayors are used to getting special treatment whether in or out of office (*cough-Marion-Barry-cough*).

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4 Responses

  1. vanderwal says:

    Looks like a mini-Marion. Adds to the reason I will not live or open a business in DC, which are all related to this type of garbage. Under Williams I was getting close to considering it.

    • Brian says:

      Only in DC could he have gotten away with that crap, too. He could have just as easily called an Apple store in MD and VA and asked them to hold some for him, but going to an AT&T store which has the more limited supply is just plain rude.

  2. Fredo says:

    Wow… somehow I don’t think that was supposed to happen. Then again, beyond the 1 iPhone/person limit, I don’t know what the AT&T Store’s policies toward the iPhone are or if they were consistently carried out. Hell, there was confusion over which AT&T stores would even carry the iPhone yesterday.

    It’s strictly first come, first served at the Apple Store, no exceptions. I was talking to one of the guys in line yesterday, and he clued me into the Philly mayor story. Good on the guy who saw him in line for calling him out on that.

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