Please make it stop…

Zidane's headbutt powers into the chest of Materazzi

I am suffering from a massive headache. It’s actually been going on since last night. It feels like a low-level migraine or a withdrawal headache, but I haven’t given up anything that my body would be complaining about. Unless it isn’t pleased with the increased exercise I’m getting. I thought it might have been the heat and humidity yesterday, but that should have stopped when I got inside to a moderate apartment.

About the only improvement is that its gone from an intense throbbing to a sort of dull always-on kind of pain. I should probably go home, but that would leave us with one person in the office, and I’d miss out on the seasonal birthday cake that I’m going to turn down anyway later this afternoon.

If this is how I’m greeting the weekend, it’s not going to be a fun couple of days.

Also, re: last night’s Mad Men… I feel cheated.

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  1. shin says:

    Always hydrate after working out. Can’t go wrong with that. If you’ve been doing that, then it probalbly is the heat.

    Hang in there, hope your headache doesn’t last into the weekend.

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