video: did you know…?

Turns out that my parents’ internet is still functioning and my connectivity is secure and no one’s really “done” with working for the holidays, so I’ll have a while to myself at the house today anyway. I did try to plan ahead, so I’d still have some interesting content to post while on the road. I won’t say this qualifies as interesting, but it’s holiday-themed at least. It’s a little clip that seemed to wrap up how I feel about the right way to leave a job and the holiday spirit from an old Christmas episode of American Dad. And this line always cracks me up:

[flv:dna_poo.flv 496 372]

Even though I never really got into Friends, I love me some Lisa Kudrow. I hope everyone is having a fun and happy holiday break! And for those of you still working today, I hope you manage to get early release! :mrgreen:

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2 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    LOL, “Did you know DNA’s in poo? Because I sure didn’t.”

    Yes, we just found out we get let go early today, too. By one hour. But hey, it’s an hour, right?

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  2. shindo says:

    @kyle I knew that and that’s what makes me think of other ways to get even. 😉

    No work for me today. Yay! Merry Christmas, Brian!

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