Nothing screams out “Perfect Christmas Gift” like…

A Metallic Leather Condom Holder from Kenneth Cole! 2 pockets, bi-fold design, imported! At $50 this costs more than other belts, necklaces and wallets currently on their site.

Merry, and I do mean merry, Christmas y’all! Just the thing for your Ho-Ho-Ho!

Hm, all this talk of leather is making me crave… steak! I think my kink circuits must be mis-aligned. Regardless, it’s clearly time to get the heck outta the office… and go find myself a steak.

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4 Responses

  1. shin says:

    This is definitely fashion forward of KC. Hopefully, others will follow suit. If someone can carry around their condoms in style, then there’s no excuse for not having safe sex.

  2. Mike B says:

    two things.

    1. From the pic, the leather isn’t that good… it’s pretty pebbled and doesn’t look very high-quality. It looks like the stuff that the stitched-together leather jackets at the supermarket are made of.

    2. The kind of people who would carry around a leather condom holder would probably rather it say Mr.S than Kenneth Cole.

  3. Jack says:

    This is why other nations of the world look at the U.S. and twitch. Anyone who buys, carries around and shows off a KC leather CONDOM WALLET needs to be soundly beaten about the head and shoulders and sent to a homeless shelter where he/she can spend time with people who have *real* needs. The fifty bucks would make a nice donation.

  4. Brian says:

    Jack, I agree that $50 would be far better spent, and KC does promote a lot of charitable causes year-round. My biggest problem is trying to push forth a condom-holder as fashionable.

    Like shin I’m all for promoting safer sex, but I think this is the demon brainchild of some marketing guru that got it all wrong. Also the last place I’d keep a condom is in a leather container if I was planning on taking it out and about with me. Men generally stick condoms in their wallet or pocket as it is, not really the best place for them, and with this being a smaller package, it might even go in some mens’ “5th pocket” — heat bad!

    And Mike, what supermarket you goin’ to that has leather jackets? Besides, if Mr. S carried leather condom holders, they wouldn’t think of charging less than $200 for them, given the average price of some of their goods.

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