Social Net-Waking?

The first sleep and wake up social networking site, where your friends’ alarm messages wake you up!

I have no idea if it works, how it works, I’m tempted to sign up just because I was talking about being totally unable to wake up yesterday. And of course I was completely unable to wake up this morning too. Can you imagine though, letting your friends record stuff to wake you up? I think I’d have to resist a lot of temptation not to be completely evil and send subliminal messages or an air raid klaxon. Hm, I wonder if an air raid signal in my own place would work… and how soon my neighbors might kill me?

Worse yet, what if like a lack of comments on LJ, none of your “friends” care if you wake up on time at all and start uploading silent alarms or Brahms’ Lullaby to “wake” you? Ah well, I signed up for a beta just because I gotta know how they plan to implement this.

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  1. Brian says:

    Heh…you need one of these in the morning.

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