Daily Archive: July 24, 2008


Braaaaaains. I mean, Daaaaaates!

Per twitter: ZombieHarmony. Because the apocalypse doesn’t have to be lonely. — Love it. Had a lovely dinner out with Paul, Al & Paul, then off to Halo where Victor treated us well as usual. My new comfort food: prime...


true love? let’s check your saliva!

My distaste for eHarmony and their endless stream of sickening commercials is already well known, but a new service seems to take it one step further. GenePartner matches men and women by analyzing their DNA. I couldn’t find any information...


in DC: the picture I didn’t take

I’m sure we all could create just as many entries as there are over on Unphotographable about the pictures we didn’t take, but one I didn’t take this morning triggered a memory from years ago. I was waiting on the...