video: grab it with both hands… for SCIENCE!!

It doesn’t take much to get me watching Discovery Channel, my channels are usually stuck on one of their many networks as it is, but they just came out with a few new shows to surround the Mythbusters time slot. One of those shows is Time Warp that is presenting itself as a science show, but frankly is just high-speed camera porn.

As we all know from action movies, things are just cooler in slow-motion. But these high-speed cameras, like those used on Mythbusters are very detailed and high-definition, they also seem to have sound played back at the same speed, but I sometimes wonder if that’s thrown in after the fact.

On a recent episode, they were listing a bunch of life’s daily annoyances and decided to “slow down” a construction worker using a jackhammer:

[flv:jackhammer.flv 500 282]

Ok… I think I’m going to change my “high-speed camera porn” assessment and just remove the first two words. I admit to some selective editing, but that was mostly taking out the discussion of the jackhammer’s mechanics. Between the subtext of the dialogue and the detail of the shots, I’m all for adding a construction worker segment into each show.

… for science! 😈

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5 Responses

  1. OK, that woke me up!! 🙂 Saturday mornings are rough.

  2. Eiain says:

    OMG thats gay porn for straight men.

  3. AkiraShima says:

    Oh yes lets watch that again. and again and again and again

  4. Esprix says:

    @Eiain: That is VERY MUCH gay porn for straight men. OMG!

  5. Martin says:

    Well, now that just made my day.

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