Fetch me my brain medicine…

You ever have one of those mornings where your body seems to take over all functions and you run on automatic? You manage to get up, clean yourself, get dressed, grab all necessary items, make it out the door and maybe you’ll actually wake up when you’re already a few stops in on metro or bus. Now, you ever have a whole week of those mornings? 🙄


Ah, the sweet couple of seconds before I remember why I’m sleeping on the lawn.

— Homer Simpson, Brawl in the Family

That’s kinda what it’s like sitting down to my desk in the morning. Opening my e-mail and seeing what transpired in the 15 or so hours that I’ve been away from here. Usually someone or another hunts me down in the morning and my first response is “What did I do now?” I actually find this throws them off just enough to let me get the social upper hand or at least time to stall.

Lately around the office, it’s pretty clear that my brain is already on holiday. I’ve had to multitask it way too much and it’s starting to experience walking amnesia. I’ll sit down to my desk and have no idea what I was about to do. I visited a client 2 floors up without a clue why I’d gone to their cube. But the best was yesterday after uploading a high-priority project to the web, the entire server going down. It wasn’t my fault, but for a good minute or two, I was staring at the browser, furiously clicking Reload and thinking “Oh GOD, I killed our internet!” Ah, good times.

11/24/05 12:00 AM

Since it’s Thursday, the unofficial day of happy hours, I may find a friend or more and head out for a drink tonight. It’s supposed to get up to 46° today, hella warm, right?! 😛

The mild winters we’ve had makes me forget that snow on or before Thanksgiving isn’t completely unheard of and used to be the norm. I am sorely needing a Bon Jovi Friday, anyone else?

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5 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    “Come forth mountain and claim my brain.”

    I can has drink after work, as long as I am home to play with teh kitteh by 9:00. (If I don’t play with him, he smacks toys around all night long – loudly.)

    latest entry: OBAMA!!!

  2. brian says:

    @kyle: You were first on my list. Maybe Marx.

  3. kyle says:

    Marx! Then the Weinstephaner Hefe Weisbier shall be the mountain that claims my brain!

    latest entry: OBAMA!!!

  4. LiLu says:

    Seeing as this is my last week at this job, YES, YES I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN.

    I’ve spent the whole week developing techniques to get people to stop asking me about stuff. How do they not GET that I have completely checked out??

    latest entry: TMI Thursday: Playing Operation, Life-Sized!

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