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This is the sort of thing I’d normally sit on the sidelines and scoff at as a popularity contest–and I still may well do that–but as someone was nice enough to nominate me, it wouldn’t be right not to stump a little bit. The Washington Post is holding a vote for DC’s Top Tweeps of 2010. Y’see what they did there? Tweeps? Adding the tw- prefix to something seems–to heavy twitter users, anyway–to make something infinitely more cool, so long as that thing still fits into a statement of under 140 characters.

D.C.’s Top Tweeps is a way for Washington Post readers to vote for their favorites in local social media.

[We’ve taken] nominations for your favorite D.C.-area Twitter users in 13 categories. Starting Dec. 27, 2010, at noon, you will be able to vote for all your favorites at

Thanks to a very nice twitter follower, I was nominated for Favorite D.C. area blogger. Due to their layout, I can’t give a link to the specific page, nor do I have a quick link to vote for me, but I’m listed in category #6 all the way at the bottom*. Frankly, the entire list is pretty daunting and I’m up against some friends and people who have a bigger following because they’re attached to a more popular blog, or a group blog, or are simply prettier than me and gain followers because of that. Ah, c’est la twitter, she is a fickle lover, no?

As I said, it is a popularity contest and I admit that my blogging has been a bit spotty over the past year what with moving, then bed bugs, then the Summer of Cancer** and then moving again*** it’s been a bit hard to find time to make it out and about, let alone sit down and write–about anything other than food, that is. I hope to change that in 2011, new year and all, right? I’ve been doing this blogging thing for over a decade now, right about when they were still figuring out what to call it, so it wouldn’t hurt to get a little recognition even if I’ve slacked off a bit of late. Still, I understand social media: if you’re not current, you’re ancient. But if you haven’t voted already and have any interest, go on over and click urbanbohemian. You don’t have to live in DC or even read the Post to be eligible to vote, but they do use web cookies. Once you’ve voted or even just clicked through the nominees without voting, you won’t be able to vote again or even view the nominees you may have skipped, so make your visit count!

And to the person that nominated me in the first place. Thanks, Chris! :mrgreen:

* I suppose I should have started my twitter handle with A1 or AAA all those months ago.

** Not to be confused with the Tropic of Cancer.

*** We’re all moved in now, thankfully. It was a comedy of errors, but more on that coming soon.

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