snow: The Late Late Late Frost

Dear Late Frost,

Oh, we’ve had some good times over Winter and right on into Spring. You even played hide and seek for a few days–here and there–and let us run around in the sun… and when you discovered that no one was really looking for you, you stomped back from your hiding place all upset and decided you’d make yourself really easy to find. Yesterday, you kept every parent within an inch of their phone, wondering if their child’s school might close down. And what we thought might be “pretty” snow, you made sure to maintain all day, even if it didn’t stick to roads.

Well done, you!

Icicles on my patio But, it’s well past time for you to go now. This morning, I opened the blinds onto my patio and saw icicles hanging from my patio chairs, and that was the last straw. It’s sunny. The sky is blue. It’s late March. And no one likes a sore loser. It’s really time for you to go.

Yes, I know DC loves to complain about you. Even now, as I write this, I can see that you’re giving us another bout of flurries, most certain to get social media hopping as DC-area folks proclaim their disbelief. I get it, we made you a celebrity and you’re not quite ready to go. Still, though, do the honorable thing and leave with dignity. Walk away now and we may look on your time with us fondly even as we appreciate the thaw that warmer temperatures are sure to bring. You’ve been at this a lot longer than we have, you know how the game is played. You’ve had more than enough last hurrahs, we applaud your tenacity, but you have overstayed your welcome.

More snow, seriously?

Go… while you can still leave a smile on our faces. Let your snow turn to rain to usher in April’s legendary showers, but seriously? Get gone.

Your Faithful Servant,
(who still gets excited at the prospect of snow from time to time, but is–quite honestly–done)

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