Point Cloud at The Yards Park

I missed the opening night of Light Yards but I took a few shots of Point Cloud this morning on my way in to the office. The sunrise was a lovely fiery burst on the horizon and framed the piece perfectly.

Point Cloud at The Yards (Sunrise)

‘Point Cloud’ is a temporary, large-scale, public art, light sculpture created by artist John Ensor Parker.

I lived in this area just when it was starting to change–unfortunately before it had a grocery store–and one thing I really enjoyed was taking walks by the waterfront and getting pictures of the attractions of The Yards Park. It blows me away how much they’ve made over the area, not just adding shops and apartments, but making an effort to hold actual events that are more than just thinly-disguised local-business sponsored meet and greets.

Point Cloud at The Yards (Dawn)

I am really ready for Spring to return. Even if it takes a few tornado watches for us to get there. I don’t really have SAD, but I still am not a fan of the cold weather for long. It makes me want to stay inside, which isn’t all that good in the long term. But sunny days, pleasant temperatures, even hotter temps and I’m out and about. I’m ready for patio and rooftop happy hours after work, walking to the farmers markets and planning my cocktail crawls, sans Uber. Do your worst, March. I’m all about that going out like a lamb life.

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  1. Hi Urban Bohemian, I am the artist who created Point Cloud and came across your early morning picture. It’s amazing and I was wondering if I may have use of the high resolution image. I will ensure that you are given full photo credit of course. You can reach me by going to my website http://www.natureofenergy.com and going to contact (don’t want to post). Thank you

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