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“You in danger, girl.”

Amazon Women on the Moon predicted it: (Name Here) Is a Liar and a Cheat. “It’s like a dating credit report” for women. – someone totally needs to develop iTrick into a full fledged website.


I’ll change my default for that

Netflix discount. Users could receive one month free Netflix DVD rentals and pay $10.99 thereafter, rather than $17.99 a month. Yahoo to offer incentives for using search engine? | News.blog | CNET News.com Hell yeah I’d take the offer of...


Much subscription lapse, there will be

Sadness in ‘Star Wars’ World There was a great disturbance in the Force this past holiday season, when gamemaker Sony Online Entertainment Inc. tried to kick sales of its online “Star Wars” game into hyperspace with a makeover that infuriated...


LJ Hacked… and this is a surprise?

Account Hijackings Force LiveJournal Changes | washingtonpost.com Livejournal, an online community that boasts nearly 2 million active members, on Thursday announced sitewide changes for users logging into their accounts — changes prompted by a hacker group’s successful hijacking of potentially...


Pretty Little Head

You’d think they’d have learned their lesson with Fiona Apple, but nope, Sony’s at it again. Nellie McKay’s Ongoing ‘Head’-Ache | washingtonpost.com Soon after, McKay was told that her album wouldn’t be released by Columbia in any form, and she...


Test drives

Well the upgrade of WordPress to 2.0 seems to be working ok. Dreamhost had some kinda clear directions for upgrading one install to another and I’m sure I have extra files I don’t need, but perhaps I’ll clear them all...


frustrated observations

I’m in charge this week, which usually means I can’t do any actual work because I’m assigning and reporting and collecting data, etc. So I took a quick moment to look for a book to use the remains of a...