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Well the upgrade of WordPress to 2.0 seems to be working ok. Dreamhost had some kinda clear directions for upgrading one install to another and I’m sure I have extra files I don’t need, but perhaps I’ll clear them all out in the next upgrade.

One thing I’ve lost is the ability to cross post my entries to LiveJournal (recent events have me working out whether this is a blessing in disguise or not). I used to use Live+Press, which was great but totally incompatible with WordPress 2.0. I found the LiveJournal Cross Poster (LJXP) but it has some quirks too that I’m hoping I can find hacks to overcome, or wait around for the next upgrade when the developer has time. Oddly enough, I found a MySpace crosspost plugin that may work out well for me too. I’d love plugins that would just post an excerpt to each of my other places around the web with a link back to my main website. It may not garner me any additional regular users, but it’s tedious to keep checking multiple sites to say the same thing. The one thing I can’t stand about social networking sites is they start out free and cool and fun, and then they put ads up and people make spam profiles, and then everyone moves on to the next social networking site and people create new profiles and the same thing happens all over again. I’m getting a little sick of making yet another sign up/registration to be in the “loop” with friends.

I’m also looking for a new template, to give myself a new look. I’ve found some nice ones, but overall nothing’s grabbed me like the current one has. I’m trying to avoid too much color contrast and sticking with the dark text, light background. There are some interesting ones out there, but for the most part they’re just too funky for people to swing by here everyday without getting an assault on the senses.

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3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, no, i haven’t had time to do anything with the xrisxros plugin to get it working.

  2. Brian says:

    Well we can hope that a solution is coming soon. 🙂

  3. Evan says:

    Hey – this is Evan. I wrote LJXP.

    Let me know what exactly LJXP isn’t doing for you. I can’t make any promises, but lots of people have requested things that only require very minor changes in the source code. If that’s the case, I can give you instructions on how to make the fix.

    – Evan

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